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Jay Waldhauser is the exception to the rule. Many people have horrible war stories regarding their experiences with their attorney(s). I had the opposite with Jay and would absolutely recommend him to anyone who wants an attorney who always picks up their phone and who gets back to them quickly, who provides logical answers to your questions and who is patient and willing to put in the time so that you’re comfortable and confident with your decisions. Jay Waldhauser is the ultimate professional who will not let you down and you will be thrilled that you hired him to represent your interests.

Real estate transactions are always stressful, sometimes there are last minute negotiations (as in my case) and many times buyers/sellers get emotional. It is during these times that you either sit back with confidence as your attorney handles the situation for you or you’re sweating bullets because you are confused and fear that your attorney is out of his/her league OR even worse – that they just don’t really care. In my case, I was sitting back and feeling great about having Jay Waldhauser representing me.

The attorney you want in your corner.


I cannot emphasize how impressed I am with Jay Waldhauser. In short, he was incredibly responsive to all of my questions, was accessible via email, texts and phone calls and provided great advice. the most impressive part is that at the closing table (where we were the purchasers) the seller of the property was asking Jay questions and was subsequently so impressed, he will be using him going forward. If you want someone who is ethical, reliable and incredibly competent, look no further.

A True Professional


The stress level of buying & selling a home is like no other! I thank God I was recommended to Jay Waldhauser to help ease the Pain! He was helpful every step of the way. Every question was answered in a timely fashion. His staff is to be commended. They were professional, courteous but most of all kind! We felt that Jay protected us throughout our entire real estate transaction.

A True Specialist...

Sandi P.

As a real estate broker, I guide my clients on varied aspects of a transaction. Often times clients will tell me that they plan to use a family member to handle their contracts on their real estate sale/purchase. My advice is steadfast…use a real estate attorney! Lawyers caught up in litigation, and wearing too many hats do not understand the “need for speed” in real estate. Jay and I have completed numerous transactions together. He is always available to his clients,and broker friendly. He oversees the entire transaction from contract to closing and I am happy to say we have sat at many closing tables together with very satisfied clients.

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