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Corporate and Business Law Attorney

Attorney Jay Waldhauser has had the privilege of representing and counseling many clients in their corporate and business endeavors throughout the years. He has provided corporations with the kind of sound legal advice and direction that has allowed those corporations to grow and develop, even through economic challenges. Mr. Waldhauser has helped clients successfully sell and buy businesses and tackle the  many challenges that often arise during the process.

Every business owner knows that opportunities can appear quickly and that it is important to have a lawyer that can move quickly as well. Mr. Waldhauser is eager to work with each client on their schedule to accommodate access and maximum meeting time. Every client can call, text, or email at any time and know that they will receive a timely and thorough response. In the corporate and business world, things need to happen quickly, and Jay and his office staff are ready to make that happen.

Partnership agreements and broken contracts in business can be complicated. Mr. Waldhauser has experience in working in potentially stressful situations with the ability to bring order and calmness to the matter. He is capable of gathering all needed and applicable information and then representing and communicating his client’s needs in a very clear format.

Mr. Waldauser also has extensive experience working with companies and businesses regarding their agreements, such as a shareholder agreement or operating agreement.

A business owner that has been through a buying and/or selling process is pointedly aware of the importance of having a trusted and active attorney and adovcate.  Mr. Waldhauser fits that profile. Through his years of practice, he has counseled many business owners and guided them smoothly through their buying and/or selling experience. Though the process can be hectic and stressful, Mr. Waldhauser will be there to help put your mind at ease.

If you are looking for an experienced and licensed corporate or business attorney in New York, New Jersey, or Pennsylvania, Jay Waldhauser is the attorney for you! Call his office, and his friendly office staff will be glad to set up a consultation for a time that will fit your schedule.

Practicing on Long Island and in New York Cities 5 Boroughs, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island.

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Whether you are an individual looking for a qualified real estate lawyer or a business owner seeking a highly qualified and experienced business lawyer, Jay Waldhauser can meet your needs

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